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Swing, Me & the Sea

Swing dance vacation on the seaside. Join us between 29 June and 6 July 2019.

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This years’ Swing, Me & the Sea will take place on the lovely, peaceful, small island by the name of between 29 June and 7 July. The island is home to 557 inhabitants and measures 17 km2. Besides its’ tranquility and laid back feel the island boasts with clear blue sea and dense pine forests.

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Because summer is the time to relax, swim and dance by the sea, the festival lasts a whole week. The event is divided into two parts: for those of you who’d rather join us just for a few nights, the first 4 days are for you: the classic intensive swing dance workshops with fabulous teachers and swing dance nights with the amazing The Knights of Rhythm lasts from Saturday till Tuesday.

Tuesday till Saturday it will be all about chilling out, relaxing, swimming, discovering the island on foot and by bike, basically having a holiday with your swing friends in an amazing location.

If you’re not too tired from all the dancing, you can take part in the various activities organized by the hotel, like the morning sun salutation on top of the islands’ highest peak (168 m), morning yoga classes on the beach, guided meditation …


Katie Cobalt (UK)

Areski Stichweh (GER)

Janez Šepetavc

Petra Robek

Metod Javornik

Eva P. Janhar

Mateja Grajzar

Nejc Oberčkal

Marcela Horvat

David Prestor


Ana Vesel



Where exactly is Iž island and how to get there?

Iž is an island in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. It is situated between Ugljan on the north-east and Dugi Otok on the south-west and is about an hour’s ship ride from Zadar. We will be staying in the town called Veli Iž.

The easiest way to get to the island is to take a speedboat (catamaran) or ferry from Zadar to Iž island.

Here is the timetable for the speedboat (catamaran) going to Veli Iž (walking distance to the hotel), and here is the timetable for ferries going from port Gaženica (on the outskirts of Zadar) to Bršanj on Iž (7 km drive to Veli Iž and our hotel).

Before embarking on a ship you’ll need to get to Zadar – there are also a number of flights to Zadar Airport.



We will be staying at hotel Korinjak: in the shade of pine trees, just a few meters from the sea, in tents (bring your own or rent at the hotel) or in hotel rooms* (double bed or two single beds, air conditioning, private bathroom with shower and a private balcony with sea view). The price includes a vegetarian breakfast (the entire hotel serves only vegetarian meals), but you can stock up on animal protein for you lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants in the village.

*for single room there is extra cost of  2€/day.


From Saturday until Tuesday the main focus is dance classes and parties. In the first four days, you will have the option to join 10 different dance classes. Every evening we will have a dance party with music from our great Djas and live band The Knights of Rhythm!

After Tuesday a relaxed part of the camp starts. There will be more time to relax but even though there will be still plenty of activities available. Every day at least one dance workshop will happen, and besides that there will be also other activities. Together we will go on a trip to  Mali Iž, climb on mountain Korinjak, a boat will take as to island Rutnjak. But the main thing is that we will have time for socializing and enjoying on the beach.


The Knights of Rhythm (SI) is a seven-member band playing dixieland, jazz and swing music from the 20’s and 30’s of the previous century, music that was born on steamboats of New Orleans and later moved to Chicago jazz clubs and dance halls of Harlem. In an effort to make their own contribution to reproducing the atmosphere of the period and to enrich swing dance scene – mainly because their music is primarily intended for dancers – they walked off the dance floor and onto the stage.

Tilen Marolt – trumpet, vocal
Dragan Zdovc – clarinet
Kristjan Stibilj – saxophone
Klemen Kopše – trombone
Blaž Završnik – guitar
Matjaž Bajc – double bass
Matija Bartol – drums

Registration & Prices

Current prices:
from Saturday until Tuesday
no accommodation: 150 €, tent*:  190 €, room*: 250 €

from Saturday until Saturday
no accommodation: 220 €, tent*:  300 €, room*: 440 €

The price includes:
>> *accomodation (room or camping spot) with breakfast <<
>>3 evening parties <<
>> 10 swing dance classes <<
>> morning yoga <<
>> additional activities <<

!! Limited number of rooms left.
Please contact the organizer at if you’d like to book a room. !!

For everyone that would like to attedn only parties at SMS  there is Party pass option that includes all 4 parties without accomodation at cost 70€.

These prices are valid until 22 June 2019.
After this date the prices change according to the price list.

>> Registration is closed <<

Terms & Conditions

 * payment is due one week after your registration date;

* the price depends on the date of payment and not the registration date;

if no payment is made in due time your registration is deleted;

* after all free spots are booked registrations go to a waiting list;

* in case of cancelation the following refunds apply: cancelation until 11 May 2019: 50% of the total price is refunded; cancelation between 12 May and 23 June 2019: 30% of total price is refunded; cancelation after 23 June 2019: no refunds